Athletic Records Table
The table below contains Olympic And World Records in all athletic events included in official Olympic program.
  • The newest World Record belongs to Kendra Harrison (100 meters hurdles, July 22nd, 2016).
  • The oldest World Record belongs to Jarmila Kratochvílová (800m track race 1:53.28, 26 July 1983).
  • Bob Beamon is the record holder of the oldest olympic record (Long Jump 8.90 m, 18 Oct 1968 !!!, Mexico). His world record stood for 23 years !!! and was finally broken by Mike Powel in 1991 (8.95 m - current world record)
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Important! The list below shows world and olympic records established prior to 2016 Rio Olympic Games. All, world and olympic, athletic records are available here: Current Athletic Records.

See also: Schedule of the Athletics Events at 2016 Rio Olympics

Update: July 28, 2016
EventWR/ORRecord[m/s]Record Holder DatePlace
100mWR Men9.5810.44Usain BoltJAMAug 16, 2009Berlin, Germany
OR Men9.6310.38Usain BoltJAMAug 05, 2012London, Great Britain
WR Women10.49 9.53Florence Griffith JoynerUSAJul 16, 1988Indianapolis, USA
OR Women10.629.42Florence Griffith JoynerUSASep 24, 1988Seul, Korea
200mWR Men19.1910.42Usain BoltUSAAug 20, 2009Berlin, Germany
OR Men19.3010.36Usain BoltJAMAug 20, 2008Beijing, China
WR Women21.34 9.37Florence Griffith JoynerUSASep 29, 1988Seul, Korea
OR Women21.349.37Florence Griffith JoynerUSASep 29, 1988Seul, Korea
400mWR Men43.189.26Michael JohnsonUSAAug 26, 1999Seville, Spain
OR Men43.499.20Michael JohnsonUSAJul 29, 1996Atlanta, GA, USA
WR Women47.60 8.40Marita KochGDROct 06, 1985Canberra, Australia
OR Women48.258.29Marie José PérecFRAJul 29, 1996Atlanta, GA, USA
800mWR Men1:40.917.93David RudishaKENAug 09, 2012London, Great Britain
OR Men1:40.917.93David RudishaKENAug 09, 2012London, Great Britain
WR Women1:53.28 7.06Jarmila KratochvílováCSKJul 26, 1983Monachium, Germany
OR Women1:53.437.05Nadezhda OlizarenkoURSJul 27, 1980Moscow, USSR
1500mWR Men3:26.007.28Hicham El GuerroujMARSep 05, 1998Rome, Italy
OR Men3:32.077.07Noah NgenyKENSep 29, 2000Sydney, Australia
WR Women3:50.07 6.52Genzebe DibabaETHJul 17, 2015Fontvieille, Monaco
OR Women3:53.966.41Paula IvanROMSep 26, 1988Seul, Korea
5000mWR Men12:37.356.60Kenenisa BekeleETHMay 31, 2004Hangelo, Holand
OR Men12:57.826.43Kenenisa BekeleETHAug 23, 2008Beijing, China
WR Women14:11.15 5.87Tirunesh DibabaETHJun 06, 2008Oslo, Norway
OR Women14:40.795.68Gabriela SzaboROMSep 25, 2000Sydney, Australia
10000mWR Men26:17.536.34Kenenisa BekeleETHAug 26, 2005Brussels, Belgium
OR Men27:01.176.17Kenenisa BekeleETHAug 17, 2008Beijing, China
WR Women29:31.78 5.64Wang JunxiaCHNSep 08, 1993Beijing, China
OR Women29:54.665.57Tirunesh DibabaETHAug 15, 2008Beijing, China
WR Men2:02:575.72Dennis Kipruto KimettoKENSep 28, 2014Berlin, Germany
OR Men2:06:325.56Samuel WanjiruKENAug 24, 2008Beijing, China
WR Women2:15:25 5.19Paula RadcliffeUKApr 13, 2005London, UK
OR Women2:23:074.91Tiki GelanaETHAug 05, 2012London, Great Britain
WR Men------
OR Men------
WR Women12.20 8.20Kendra HarrisonUSAJul 22, 2016London, Great Britain
OR Women12.358.10Sally PearsonAUSAug 07, 2012London, Great Britain
WR Men12.808.59Aries MerrittUSASep 07, 2012Brussels, Belgium
OR Men12.918.52Xiang LiuCHNAug 27, 2004Athens, Greece
WR Women -----
OR Women------
WR Men46.788.55Kevin YoungUSAAug 06, 1992Barcelona, Spain
OR Men46.788.55Kevin YoungUSAAug 06, 1992Barcelona, Spain
WR Women52.34 7.64Yuliya PechonkinaRUSAug 08, 2003Tula, Russia
OR Women52.647.60Melaine WalkerJAMAug 20, 2008Beijing, China
WR Men7:53.636.33Saif Saaeed ShaheenQUASep 03, 2004Brussels, Belgium
OR Men8:05.516.18Julius KariukiKENSep 30, 1988Seul, Korea
WR Women8:58.81 5.57Gulnara Samitova-galkinaRUSAug 17, 2008Beijing, China
OR Women8:58.815.57Gulnara Samitova-galkinaRUSAug 17, 2008Beijing, China
WR Men36.8410.86Nesta Carter
Michael Frater
Yohan Blake
Usain Bolt
JAMAug 11, 2012London, Great Britain
OR Men36.8410.86Nesta Carter,michael Frater,yohan Blake,usain BoltJAMAug 11, 2012London, Great Britain
WR Women40.82 9.80Tianna Madison
Allyson Felix
Bianca Knight
Carmelita Jeter
USAAug 10, 2012London, Great Britain
OR Women40.829.80Tianna Madison
Allyson Felix
Bianca Knight
Carmelita Jeter
USAAug 10, 2012London, Great Britain
WR Men2:54.299.18Andrew Valmon
Quincy Watts
Butch Reynolds
Michael Johnson
USAAug 22, 1993Stuttgart, Germany
OR Men2:55.399.12Lashawn Merritt
Angelo Taylor
David Neville
Jeremy Wariner
USAAug 23, 2008Beijing, China
WR Women3:15.17 8.20Tatyana Ledovskaya
Olga Nazarova
Mariya Pinigina
Olga Bryzgina
URSOct 01, 1988Seul, Korea
OR Women3:15.178.20Tatyana Ledovskaya
Olga Nazarova
Mariya Pinigina
Olga Bryzgina
URSOct 01, 1988Seul, Korea
WR Men1:16:364.35Yusuke SuzukiJAPMar 15, 2015Nomi, Japan
OR Men1:18:464.23Chen DingCHNAug 04, 2012London, Great Britain
WR Women1:24:38 3.94Liu HongCHNJun 06, 2015La Coruña, Spain
OR Women1:25:023.92Elena LashmanovaRUSAug 11, 2012London, Great Britain
WR Men3:32:333.92Yohann DinizFRAAug 15, 2014Zürich, Switzerland
OR Men3:35:593.86Sergey Kirdyapkin RUSAug 11, 2012London, Great Britain
WR Women -----
OR Women------
WR Men2.45m-Javier SotomayorCUBJul 27, 1993Salamanca, Spain
OR Men2.39m-Charles AustinUSAJul 28, 1996Atlanta, GA, USA
WR Women2.09m-Stefka KostadinovaBULAug 30, 1987Rome, Italy
OR Women2.06m-Yelena SlesarenkoRUSAug 28, 2004Athens, Greece
WR Men8.95m-Mike PowellUSAAug 30, 1991Tokyo, Japan
OR Men8.90m-Bob BeamonUSAOct 18, 1968Mexico City, Mexico
WR Women7.52m-Galina ChistyakovaURSJun 11, 1988Leningrad, USSR
OR Women7.40m-Jackie Joyner KerseeUSASep 29, 1988Seul, Korea
WR Men6.16m-Renaud LavillenieFRAFeb 15, 2014Donetsk, Ukraine
OR Men5.97m-Renaud LavillenierFRAAug 10, 2012London, Great Britain
WR Women5.06m-Yelena IsinbayevaRUSAug 28, 2009Zurich, Switzerland
OR Women5.05m-Yelena IsinbayevaRUSAug 18, 2008Beijing, China
WR Men18.29m-Jonathan EdwardsUK Aug 07, 1995Göteborg, Sweden
OR Men18.09m-Kenny HarrisonUSAJul 27, 1996Atlanta, GA, USA
WR Women15.50m-Inessa KravetsUKRAug 10, 1995Göteborg, Sweden
OR Women15.39m-Françoise Mbango EtoneCMRAug 17, 2008Beijing, China
WR Men23.12m-Randy BarnesUSAMay 20, 1990Westwood, USA
OR Men22.47m-Ulf TimmermannGDRSep 23, 1988Seul, Korea
WR Women22.63m-Natalya LisovskayaURSJun 07, 1987Moscow, USSR
OR Women22.41m-Ilona SlupianekGDRJul 24, 1980Moscow, USSR
WR Men74.08m-Jürgen SchultGDRJun 06, 1986Neubrandenburg, Germany
OR Men69.89m-Virgilijus AleknaLTUAug 23, 2004Athens, Greece
WR Women76.80m-Gabriele ReinschGDRJul 09, 1988Neubrandenburg, Germany
OR Women72.30m-Martina HellmannGDRSep 29, 1988Seul, Korea
WR Men86.74m-Jurij SiedychURSAug 30, 1986Stuttgart, Germany
OR Men84.80m-Sergey LitvinovURSSep 26, 1988Seul, Korea
WR Women81.08m-Anita WłodarczykPOLAug 01, 2015Władysławowo, Poland
OR Women78.18m-Tatyana LysenkoRUSAug 11, 2012London, Great Britain
WR Men98.48m-Jan železnýCZEMay 25, 1996Jena, Germany
OR Men90.57m-Andreas ThorkildsenNORAug 23, 2008Beijing, China
WR Women72.28m-Barbora špotákováCZESep 13, 2008Stuttgart, Germany
OR Women71.53m-Osleidys MenéndezCUBAug 27, 2004Athens, Greece
WR Men9045-Ashton EatonUSAAug 29, 2015Beijing, China
OR Men8893-Roman šebrleCZEAug 24, 2004Athens, Greece
WR Women7291-Jackie Joyner KerseeUSASep 24, 1988Seul, Korea
OR Women7291-Jackie Joyner KerseeUSASep 24, 1988Seul, Korea

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