Current Beijing Time / China Standard Time (UTC+8):
China Standard Time
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Note, your computer time and your timezone should be properly set to work this clock correctly.
The table below could be helpful to convert Beijing Time to your local time or PDT/EDT/EST/UTC time and your local time or PDT/EDT/EST/UTC to Beijing time.

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EventWR/ORRecord[m/s]Record Holder DatePlace
100mWR Men9.5810.44Usain BoltJAMAug 16, 2009Berlin, Germany
OR Men9.6310.38Usain BoltJAMAug 05, 2012London, Great Britain
WR Women10.49 9.53Florence Griffith JoynerUSAJul 16, 1988Indianapolis, USA
OR Women10.629.42Florence Griffith JoynerUSASep 24, 1988Seul, Korea
200mWR Men19.1910.42Usain BoltUSAAug 20, 2009Berlin, Germany
OR Men19.3010.36Usain BoltJAMAug 20, 2008Beijing, China
WR Women21.34 9.37Florence Griffith JoynerUSASep 29, 1988Seul, Korea
OR Women21.349.37Florence Griffith JoynerUSASep 29, 1988Seul, Korea
400mWR Men43.189.26Michael JohnsonUSAAug 26, 1999Seville, Spain
OR Men43.499.20Michael JohnsonUSAJul 29, 1996Atlanta, GA, USA
WR Women47.60 8.40Marita KochGDROct 06, 1985Canberra, Australia
OR Women48.258.29Marie José PérecFRAJul 29, 1996Atlanta, GA, USA


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