Important! The list below shows world and olympic records established prior to 2016 Rio Olympic Games. All, world and olympic, athletic records are available here: Current Athletic Records.

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Update: July 28, 2016
EventWR/ORRecord[m/s]Record Holder DatePlace
200mWR Men19.1910.42Usain BoltUSAAug 20, 2009Berlin, Germany
OR Men19.3010.36Usain BoltJAMAug 20, 2008Beijing, China
WR Women21.34 9.37Florence Griffith JoynerUSASep 29, 1988Seul, Korea
OR Women21.349.37Florence Griffith JoynerUSASep 29, 1988Seul, Korea

200 meters distance
200 meters distance is equal to 218.727 yards or 656.1809 feet (More conversions available here: 200 meters conversion).

Cheetah - the fastest land animal, reaching speed up to 120 km/h (74.6 mph), could run this distance in 6s and is more then 3 times faster then the current world record holder Usain Bolt
200 m world record men The current world record holder of the 200 m sprint race is Usain Bolt, Jamaica. The record has been broken August 20, 2009 in Berlin, Germany. Bolt ran 19.19s.

Usain Bolt speed (average):
10.42 m/s, 37.51 km/h, 23.31 mph, 34.19 fps

200 m olympic record men Usain Bolt is also the current olympic record holder for 200 meter race dash. He broke the record (19.30s) during Summer Olympic Games in Beijing, China on August 20, 2008.
200 m world record women Florence Griffith-Joyner (Flo-Jo) holds current 200 m sprint race world record. September 29,1988, during the Summer Olympic Games in Seoul, Korea Flo-Jo run the distance in 21.34s. She is also world record holder in 100 m sprint race (10.49s)

Flo-Jo speed during the winning 200 m race was:
9.3720 m/s, 20.9646 mph, 33.7392 km/h, 30.7480 ft/s

200 m olympic record women Since the 200 m world record has been established during the Summer Olympic Games in Korea, both records are the same. For more information see above ("200m world record women").

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